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Our Mission

We are committed to delivering quality and caring service to everyone in a comfortable relaxed setting. Our office believes in treating all our patients with care and respect placing the utmost importance in keeping out patients informed and satisfied.


We provide a wide variety of services such as complete diabetic foot care, plantar fasciitis, foot and leg ulcerations, neuropathy, ingrown nails, tendinitis and most sport's injuries.

Dr Kirby's Services

Added to our practice in December of 2016 is a fall risk prevention program. This includes an evaluation of fall risk in the elderly and high risk populations. Often the answer that we are searching for is right before our eyes. Although elderly patients are frequently at risk for trips and falls, these conditions are commonly overlooked and left untreated. Looking beyond a patient's chief complaint, we conduct a fall risk assessment to identify these risks and to administer a proper treatment plan. We will utilize a comprehensive fall prevention protocol which may include Moore Balance Braces (PDF) in conjunction with strength training, certain environmental changes in the home, physical therapy, occupational therapy and other related specialties. Call us today at (386) 788-4111 for more information or schedule your evaluation.

Conditions We Treat:


Athletes Feet/Infections

Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis

Corns and Callouses


Diabetic Foot Care

Numbness/Burning/Tingling Feet

Fungal Nails

Peripheral Neuropathy

Flat Feet

Skin Conditions

Foot Pain


Ganglion  Cysts



Wounds and Ulcers

Ingrown Toe Nails/Infected toe Nails



Special Services - On Site:



Diagnostic Ultrasound

Therapeutic Ultrasound




Compression Therapy

Muscle Stimulation



Extensive supply of podiatric products

Powerstep Inserts


Fat Pad Restoration

Diabetic Foot Care


The Latest in Wound Care

Graft Applications





We Also Offer These In Office:


Fungal Nail Laser Treatment


A Variety of Nutrametrix Products including:


Isotonix Calcium Complete

Isotonix Isochrome

Isotonix OPC-3

Isotonix Activated B-Complex

Isotonix L-tryptophan

Advanced Level 90 (Blood Sugar     Maintenance/Dietary Supplement)


We also offer Botox and Fillers done by Juvedern XC

     We offer many products for all around foot care in the office, and for your convenience we also have an on-line Doctor Store that you can go on and purchase most of the products that we offer. You can visit us at: Our Doctor Store

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